Ski – Explore – Relax

Our ‘Otaru ski house’ is a typical Hokkaido home built to withstand the constant heavy 2-3m snow-falls which surround the house throughout the 4-5 months of winter. (the depth of the winter snow built up around the house can be seen on the very first main image of this site)

The house is 2 levels and a top attic. There are 3 bedrooms. One on the ground level and 2 on the 2nd level. Most of the bedrooms and lounge room are the traditional ‘tatami’ flooring making it perfect for traditional Japanese sleeping methods of futon beds on the floor of which there are 1 big king futon master bedroom, and 3 other bedrooms with 2-3 single futons…sleeping #6 people comfortably but #8 maximum. There is a brand new bathroom | toilet and wash room on the 2nd level and another bathroom | toilet and wash room on the ground floor. Both bathrooms have a bath and shower. The kitchen | dining is the hub of the house and very warm in winter with excellent oil heating as do the bedrooms. The lounge is off the dining room with a large cosy lounge-suite taking up much of the small lounge room which opens onto a decked balcony. There is a wonderful combustion log fire (firewood supplied) in the lounge which also helps to warm the house and adds great ambiance. A log fire is a real luxury in a Japanese home.